Friday, 1 March 2013

My internet is out of control . . . and now it has Zombies

 . . . no really my poor flickr account, I have tried to separate out my  life, work, student's work and failed abysmally.
It is organised into sets, but there are thousands of images and now they are up it is so difficult to delete and re-upload etc.
I tried a couple of months ago but as I suspected as soon as I delete something, someone contacts me who needs it.
Last night I uploaded all of the images from recent Zombie workshops with a portfolio class. Zombies and me do not go together, but this group of students are working so hard and having a lot of fun practising the face paint, body paint, doing story boards and promotional material. Hopefully it will all come together in a fun and funny series of Zombie themed movies after Easter.
Friday Wisdom:  make learning fun  . . . and have different flickr accounts for different activities.