Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mariana Rio I

Oh so so much to share  . . . 
This is Mariana Rio a Portuguese illustrator who's work stood out today with its bold colours, its stencilled / graffiti style on a mosaic of geometric shapes. 

"This is a book about different bodies.It is an unfinished puzzle for readers to think about… What is perfection? What are beautiful bodies? Does geometry have anything to do with these matters?" Mariana Rio


  1. i adore these. so different. they look like prints. i would like to see more how this artist works...does she cut stencils for all those little animals?!!

    1. I am sorry Kim I do not know what technique she uses, I think they are prints but I will ask her.

    2. Mariana says it is a print made from many stamps.

  2. I love the geometry in these.. and the colour.

  3. wow! thanks for finding this out. i knew they looked like prints but needed to know. she must have run through the press many times or hand stamped some after running through a printing press