Friday, 29 March 2013

Bologna Colour

I don't understand these random splashes of colour in Bologna, but I like them and they seem to be a strange celebration of water as they are always following the course of water or around the drains.


  1. I love it - it's a beautiful project

  2. Hazel

    I do like your blog ...interesting choices, ideas, imagery and links......etc etc etc

    BUT PLEASE will you enable the

    "Follow By Email" gadget in the LAYOUT area of your Dashboard.
    Then it's much easier for me and other followers to keep informed when you create a new post on your blog.

    If you do get this set up ( its very easy) then please do email me and let me know

    best wishes

    Aine Scannell

    1. I have done as you requested Aine.

  3. but it is not a work of art! are colored signals made ​​by the Municipality of Bologna, indicating that he had put the pads for the fight against mosquito larvae ..
    Macchie colorate per segnalare, dal Comune, quando si sono messe le pastiglie per la lotta alle larve delle zanzare..:))) non è arte ma sempre comunicazione è!

    1. Thank you Luza
      I knew there must be a reason for them. :-D