Friday, 1 February 2013

Claire Grill

Claire Grill's wonderful blurry paintings of samplers are a wonderful celebratory homage, as well as antithesis, to the detailed and painstaking patience that goes into creating a sampler.

"I think about the beliefs and stories that were handed down to me and I reinterpret them in my paintings. Family folklore, backyard rituals, religious sacraments, ghost stories, church, school, obedience and trust in what you’re told are among my subjects. The things we’re taught can be learned a thousand different ways. I like for the familiar to seem a little unfamiliar and complicated, because it is.
I look at images from the past as I work because they’re heartbreaking and haunting – what was never can be again. I mess with my imagery, layering and wearing it away until I've made a painting that makes you notice the paint as much as the pictures." Claire Grill