Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mermaids, Bears and Rob Dunlavey

My parcel which I saved for the weekend had a friendly mermaid waving from it and a lovely 'Owl and Turn' organiser for my year. 
Thank you Rob I now feel organised and ready to go.


  1. You're welcome Hazel. Happy Mer Year to you!!!

  2. I myself have been so lucky to receive the calendar... but I'm a little envious now about the evelope-mermaid!!!:)) - Rob, I've tried to write you again, but still your mailbox rejects my e.mails... is it because I've no long hair nor a blue fish tail? :((

  3. Horrors Daniela. I'm certain that is not the reason. I'm glad you got the package and I hope this email issue gets resolved. I did write you after you contacted me from your friend's email account with the photo. Keep trying!