Friday, 25 January 2013

Haggis Day

The top haggis I made in my textile class for a bit of fun. The middle Haggis has been made (rapidly) for a christening in Ireland this weekend of the grandchild of one of my student's support workers. 
He has nipples a hairy chest and a string (lace) vest. (or as Freya said "he has wonky pimples")
The bottom two are a drawing of Haggis by my student Joan Cargil. 
It is Burns Day in Scotland, a time to drink whiskey eat haggis and enjoy poetry.


  1. And we have Student's day today. It's because today Orthodox Church celebrates St Tatiana of Rome, who is declared to be the saint patron of students ;) All student's in Eastern Europe have lots of fun today, hit the bottle and misbehave ^__^.