Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sketchbook Project

I have signed up for the Sketch Book Project, and in the quiet before the storm, Hogmanay, I have time to work. Strange work it is though, and not what I anticipated or expected. 
My chosen theme is tights, masks and capes. I have a project that I have been wanting to do and I thought this was the closest fit. 
However when I started my book quite different work emerged on the page, funny work, not the serious work I had planned.


  1. I wish you a Happy New Year!!

  2. How cool!
    I have thought of participating as well but I need to
    put that into the future.
    Hope you´ll enjoy the creative moments with the book!
    Happy New Year.

  3. Love your sketchbook! Your art makes me happy...
    Have a happy new year!
    ps...the fabric book on your other blog is really cool...want to make one.

  4. It's funny how this happens. I often set out to create something along a more serious line, and they end up the complete opposite! Guess it's the more light hearted side of us both needing to come out! Good luck with the project. It looks as though you are off to a brilliant start, and I really love the theme. Can't wait to see the end project.