Sunday, 2 December 2012

Heather Wilcoxon

Amazing intricate heads by Heather Wilcoxon with layered, scratched and jigsawed complexities.

"Drawing plays an important roll in finding my imagery as well as humour. I have many books filled  with interesting creatures. Through these drawings, a colourful cast of characters has emerged. These characters comment on our concerns, fears, worries as well as our brutality towards one another. I view the world as a dangerous place. However I am seasoned enough to see the absurdity of it all." Heather Wilcoxon

It is Sunday and my head still looks a little like this I am hoping that by the end of the day it is a little less complicated.
(thank you)

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  1. My head is feeling like the middle one - all mixed up and perhaps containing pieces of someone else's head. These illustrations/portraits? really reflect life. A person. complexity and yes -with an absurdist sensibility. I love them! I think the top one is a mother - 8 hands and a lot going on!