Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A bus stop away from Christmas

Yesterday one group of students escaped with their heads, here they all are on a double decker bus. 
Today there is the prospect of a scary Karaoke  . . . anyone would think it is almost Christmas.


  1. great! I'd liked to see that! have a nice day!

  2. I really love the Big Heads (hey, could be the name of a band!).
    As a teacher I would love to learn a bit more about the technique you used.
    When I watched your brilliant little video I realized that the paper/glue-heads didn't move very much on the actors real did you manage to acchieve this?
    Is it possible to learn a bit more about this project of yours?
    Best wishes,

    1. Eva the video was not mine that is Lucy Kirks.
      These heads are made of paper mache and are to a scale where they simply fit over your own head.

      Big Head Instructions:
      Take a plastic carrier bag and fill with loosely scrunched newspaper then put this on top of a roll of cardboard made into a tube that is big enough to go over the owners head.
      Paper mache, with at least 4 layers over bag.
      Two layers over tube. and make sure that you secure th bag to the tube I long strips of newspaper like bandages and change the direction of pplication for added strength.
      Then add features, you can use cardboard for hats hair styles beards and ears.
      Paper mache these with at least one layer of paper mache for these finer features you will need smaller pieces of newspaper.
      Leave to dry.
      Paint with poster paintacrylic mixed with emulsion (the emulsion covers the newsprint.
      Best wishes

    2. Thank you, Hazel...I made several of similar masks in class. But the trick - as I just learnt - is the cardboard tube and ABOVE it the head!!!
      Thank you, your description helped a lot!!
      Merry Christmas,
      May I also say, that I enjoy your blog very much?