Friday, 9 November 2012

Jackie Bassett


Layered photographs on text, music and maps.
Yesterday I was helping students with zine work and using tracing paper in the photocopier to layer images so Jackie Bassett's collages resonated with me today.
 Jackie Bassett's work pictured here, is images melded together to form a unique iconography. 
I would love to see a whole book illustrated in this way, a classic like Moby Dick or a book of poetry.


  1. thanks so much! funny because a friend of mine just approached me the other day to collaborate on a poetry book! hmmmm....!

  2. Can you explain the photocopier and tracing paper method?

    1. The student was making a zine about cowboys and girls and the Wild West. She had lots of photographs and had prepared pages with watercolour and painted frames, we photocopied the images she had onto tracing paper so you could see her prepared backgrounds and layer the images.
      I also photocopied text onto tracing paper to use in a Moby Dick image that I still haven't made.