Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The germs are on holiday . . .

Just a thought that I woke up with today. 
I am on holiday for a week and I awoke with a very sore throat, hot nose . . .  you know the feeling. 
It occurred to me that when I go on holiday all the germs go on holiday to, and their destination 
is  . . . well it's me. 
So I thought I would do a wee sketch in between the sanding, glossing and drinking of cold medicine, here it is, the germs look like they are enjoying themselves don't they?


  1. Te germs got me too! And I dont't like it.
    Wish you better days, Hazel.

  2. Yes - the germs follow you and wait for you to stop for a rest and then they have some fun. Just remember that the germs are telling you to REST and helping to fire up your immune system! "Always look on the bright side..." Get well soon!

  3. I think your white blood cells took a leave of absence and left you with the germs : ). What a fun thought that your germs are having fun. That is the most positive way to look at a very sore throat. Wishing you well, Hazel.

  4. Take zinc - New Scientist article said it was the only treatment that is "scientifically proven" to reduce symptoms of a cold. Oh and I posted about the Leafcutter Design labels and linked it to yours. Hope that's cool.