Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rick Bartow

Rick Bartow draws guardians and demons, merging them with his figures. In Rick's paintings the figures are never alone, though some of them would want to be, as often they are haunted, half devoured, by wolves or ravens.. Rick is a native American artist who's work is not confined to painting, he has also made monumental sculptures and weaving.

"when I go to the drawing board I'm making a big smear, and I get a bunch of stuff. I'll show you later, my studio's just drifts of pastel dust and erasers. I use the eraser so much. And sometimes when I'm really frustrated and I can't get something going I just scoop up a handful of that dust and smear it on the paper. That puts a stain on it and I work into that. All of a sudden something works and there's this undulating form and I think oh, that's a fish. This I can work with." 

For a great interview with Rick go here, for more examples of his work, go here.