Monday, 8 October 2012

Anne Crahay II

It has been a while since I featured Anne Crahay's work and so it was wonderful to revisit her work. I especially admire these collages, I love their delicacy and translucence.


  1. I love Anne Crahay's work, it's so incredible. I have her in my links on my blog; her work inspires me so much; it's so different. I visited her blog (through the link you have in your post) but didn't see her new collages (shown on your post). Does she have a website as well as her blog? Just wondering where to find these wonderful collages?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hello Debbie
      Anne does have a web site but it is not fully functioning as yet these collages wee found on her blog but aug 2010 I think I need to revisit the wording of this post c-: