Sunday, 16 September 2012

Work work work

I just wanted to share what has been happening to me in the last wee while. I am back at work, for those of you who do not know I teach at an Further Education College, it is a new term with new responsibilities and challenges, and I am just about to add to that, with another exciting new job teaching art online.

One of the early pleasures this year, is teaching a group from a local school figure drawing. I have never taught school pupils before. The students that I have been teaching of this age group previously have been the people that school and education has not worked well for. It has made me much happier about our education system to have such a eager, engaged group of young people who really want to learn.

Above: Mini Me self portraits with school group.

Despite being an ardent exponent of 'imagination', I am a strong believer in a solid foundation of drawing.
 'Mini Me' self portraits with NC Introduction to creative arts.
Due to the variety of students that I teach, I believe that the more creatively you can deliver these skills the easier and faster they will be acquired, and by more of them. So it has been fun, we have just been studying portraiture and self portraiture so far and I am trying to introduce elements of identity and broaden ideas of the self and others.