Monday, 3 September 2012

Cecile Perra II


I do not often post dolls on 'theartroomplant', I find them quite disturbing, usually, and it is rare that they appeal to me. Cecile Perra's fabric sculptures featuring her collage techniques are disturbing but they are also fascinating I love their amorphous shapes and the combination of stitch and photography.


  1. Wow! I especially love that top photo!

  2. i'm with you:
    usually find dolls kinda revolting
    {remembering the pervading plastic odour}
    but these are something altogether different
    i love them...


  3. It's always interesting to see what response people have to dolls, it seems they often do evoke strong responses in people.
    I find these quite charming but I find thoses very real 'victorian' wax like dolls disturbing.
    I knew a lady who collected them and had them all around her sitting room, it gave me the creeps!