Thursday, 30 August 2012

Donald Baechler I

Irreverent, primitive, bold artworks by American painter Donald Baechler. Donald Baechler is a major contemporary American artist who's work has, during his career, explored many media and expressions as you would expect of an artist who's career has been extremely successful and who is very prolific. In these works you can see the layering of paint and thought as he has worked through different ideas and compositions.

"I'm always moving things around in paintings. Shapes are being moved slightly or radically or turned upside down. You can always see things happening underneath, well, not always but very often; I mean shapes, ball shapes or red lines, painted, overpainted. Adjustments take place over a long period of time. I choose white as the ground on which these adjustments would take place. It's a kind of a non decision, it's not a decision to use white. In fact it's not white. Mixed with yellow and black, and red at times, the white is variable, also white is colorless, it is supposed to function as a non-color." Donald Baechler