Monday, 16 July 2012

Gemma Taccogna

I have just found the work of Gemma Taccogna ( 1923-2005) it is just wonderful, she was a fantastic artist, designer and crafts person. 
These are her marvellous paper mache heads, made to display hats for Mr John a famous milliner on 5th Avenue. Mr John loved these heads and used them to display his hats.
Highly finished they look more like ceramics than paper mache and they have a wonderful presence and serenity. 
"Like anything in life, whether you are making a cake... even in the crafts there has to be a great pleasure, an involvement. And a certain humility because its wonderful to surrender to your craft, not to be the impatient one who wants the immediate gratification." Gemma Taccogna


  1. Wonderful pieces. Amazing that they're papier mache and not porcelain.

    1. Yes I got a shock about that to, I don't know why though, I had a flat mate years ago who used to make stunningly finished pieces of paper mache usig the same techniques as Gemma