Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Aaron Leighton

 I am late this morning, sorry sometimes the path forward is not so clear, however here we are with the work of Aaron Leighton. Aaron's work for me is like a graffiti of the mind, where he walks around the sprawl of cities and see magic. 

"What makes a place special? Is it possible to discover the fantastical hidden in the familiar? If so, what might that look like? Spirit City is an ongoing project which address some of these questions while hopefully raising others. Combining my interests in urban landscapes, travel and mythology, the images suggest that the magical and the mundane can indeed coexist in the most unlikely of places, if only we look closely enough." Aaron Leighton

These images are all from Aaron Leighton's 'Spirit City of Toronto', the next city on Aaron's hit list is Berlin.