Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What will the harvest be?

I was asked a couple of weeks ago to contribute towards a picnic rug, I started well and made the strawberries, nasturtiums, and marscapone picnic plate, . . . and then it went out of my head. So an email saying they had to be in London on Thursday has galvanised me into action and because of the time constraint they have become simple and pared down in design. From the top : jam tarts, gingerbread man, jelly, strawberries nasturtiums, and marscapone, and trifle.
They will be sewn as part of 'What will the harvest be"s 'food story' rug this Saturday, so if you are near Hackney in London, it will be a fun, foodie day.


  1. Replies
    1. (-: supposed to be healthy food Natascha . . . but I love jam tarts and gingerbread men.

  2. great idea, that rug will look awesome and yummie, x