Sunday, 27 May 2012

Michel Nedjar

These are a selection of the incredible works of Michel Nedjar a French outsider artist who's work I discovered in a book that I bought last weekend in Berlin. 
Michel Nedjar was born just outside Paris in 1947 most of his maternal family had died in concentration camps during the war. Michel's father was a master Tailor and so Michel grew up surrounded by fabrics and machines. His first dolls were made of offcuts of material and sticks. Michel trained as a tailor also but after military service he travelled extensively. He has always made these dolls, totems of humanity, but he also draws and paints and makes films.


  1. incredible... enjoying this last lot of postings, thanks Hazel. And lucky you in Berlin... its been 20 years for me!!

  2. Fascinating and quite intense, I love it

  3. Really beautiful, moving, dramatic, evocative, strange, close and distant, creatures from a parallel world, an army of silent and anchient souls...

  4. Storia intensa,opere forti e poetiche,belle e tormentate...

  5. I just came here through your pinterest page - how delightful to discover another doll maker/outsider artist.
    I am off to discover all I can. Thankyou for finding him.

  6. and I just came after grrl + dog pinteres, it is very powerful and interesting work, I love the kind of special hand-write he has in his stitches.


  7. aha..

    we may have the same book! Poupees? I got it as well and am transfixed by his work.
    I went to see the work of Morton Bartlett.. waving from Berlin.

    1. Waving back to you from Scotland :-D