Wednesday, 23 May 2012

All abuzz

 Deb and Natacha
 Jeanette (Fryd Design)
Blogging is a private solitary act mostly, but as you know, very public. For me it is extremely revealing of character. I have made great friends through it and it enriches my life and opens up a world of possibility.  The Hive Conference in Berlin was quite an eye opener to how seriously people take it and how much of a business the blog is evolving into.  
I produce this blog for the pleasure I get sharing great artists and illustrators, showing a little snippet of my life and work. As well as for research and for the joy of communicating with lovely people.  
The Hive had some powerful and influential bloggers from many genres of blogging and it was very interesting, showing me different perspectives on how people blog/ publish, about what and most importantly why. 
The greatest pleasure it afforded me was to spend time with friends and to explore Berlin.


  1. Sounds exciting and inspiring! I am just a baby blogger its been almost a year and I enjoy it but it is still somewhat painful to me. I really appreciate what you do, thank you!

  2. Your blog is a treasure.
    I look forward, every day, to seeing what new work you have posted.
    Thank you.
    Susan Farrington

  3. I also look forward to seeing your blog every day! I'm so inspired through your world. Thank you!