Friday, 27 April 2012

Masks and toiles


Today I am going to try to get my NC fashion students started on a fabric mask. I am wanting to use calico as the students all have calico toiles made and I hope to be able to put on a fashion show which is quite ghostly and mysterious using the toiles and calico masks. Here are some that I have made this week to try to inspire them.


  1. I love calico. These look great - I'm sure your students will be inspired. I'm going to show them to my daughter who is studying costume!

  2. Wow they look great!
    Love the textures and shades made by your hand stitches and simplicity of calico.
    Layering of repeating pattern may look great like fish scales...or more sculptural like smocking..!
    Can they dye it with tea ?
    Very inspiring. Can I come to your class? :D

  3. how interesting, food for thought for me too, thankyou

  4. You've certainly inspired me!

  5. I think working in calico and without colour really helps you to consider forms and textures more.

  6. Thank you for all your comments masks are made now, I have to stop myself making more, its kind of addictive.
    You are all welcome to my classes

  7. So gorgeous and cool!
    Wish I could see the fashion show!