Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sylvia Von Hartmann

Sylvia Von Hartmann is a German artist who has been living in Edinburgh for over thirty years. Sylvia is a fantastic character, and a magical artist who unfortunately I have not seen for years. Sylvia is represented by 'The Open Eye Gallery'
If I get the chance though I would like to be able to share more of her work and her creative energy.
Sylvia's works, like the lady herself have a mythology, a sense of narrative and a story to tell.


  1. what a wonderful picture.i looked for more, but dont find anything.have you more about and from her?thanks for this picture.nice weekend from ute

  2. google with two "n's" on the end of the spelling of hartmann. i just did. thanks for sharing her stuff. it is quite beautiful to see.

    1. :-D thank you. Hazel

  3. Please try to post more of Sylvia's work, it's so unique. We were great friends at Edin art colege together over 40 years ago. I've lost touch with her sadly. Have you visited her house ???
    Meg Robinson,

  4. Hi, I have a sylvia von Hartman painting, dated 1968, framed in Edinburgh, still in original frame. I am looking to sell this but not sure where, any suggestions? Thanks, Michelle

  5. Sue Hulme, Deeside, Flintshire1 May 2015 at 11:56

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia by chance yesterday in Edinburgh. We were introduced by a lovely man called "Spike" who randomly started chatting to myself, son and husband after we sat outside the Scottish Veterans Apartments. Sylvia was passing by when Spike called her over and then began the strangest and yet magical 'group chat' that I have ever experienced? Two friends, people from different walks of life, and my family, having a deep and meaningful conversation about how precious life is? A man, who had been shot and experienced more horror during various conflicts and a gracious lady who embraces and expresses the beauty of life through the medium of paint on canvas. After mentioning it was my birthday, Sylvia whisked me off to her house nearby and invited me into what I can only described as a "Magic Kingdom". I felt I had been transported into a working piece of art. I was a child again, giddy with excitement. Every wall was a painting, every inch of the house was a painted canvas of delicate beauty. Sylvia then presented me with a lovely wooden heart and wrote a birthday greeting on an invitation to her up and coming Glasgow exhibition. Yesterday was a day that I will never forget. I live in Wales but guess whose going to Glasgow in a couple of weeks ! Thank you Sylvia and Spike......two beautiful people xxxx