Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Haggis on a train to Inverness

Below: Waiting at Kirkcaldy train station, above on the Inverness train.
Today is Burns day in Scotland. I have been making Haggis for weeks with my students, tiny ones, tartan ones and this giant 6ft, kilted and dashing Haggis. Today he left us to travel north with a label.

I am hoping that people on the train will take their pictures with him and possibly make him guest of honour at their burns supper . . . I hope he doesn't get lost on the way!


  1. Fabulous!!! I almost thought YOU went too! Whit a hoots mon!!!! Dead braw, magic!!! Rabbie will have a tear in his grave! xxxx

  2. Ah, I found it:
    Half of my questions at flickr are answerd.
    Dont you celebrate your R.Burns party too?

    1. I am just about to have my Haggis super with my family Ingrid :-D
      (it is a vegetarian one) Happy Burns day to you.