Monday, 5 December 2011

Danny Mansmith I

I am beginning to wonder what is in the water in Chicago that this city is making all these incredible male textile artists. Ok, I only know of two so far in Chicago, but even so their work is so phenomenal, that the fact they are both from the same city is astounding. I am talking about the artist Danny Mansmith who shares his city with one of my hero's Nick Cave. Stitching 10 hours a day by the time he left high school, Danny naturally went to art school but this was short lived as it was too constraining. Danny's work is so prolific it is difficult to summarise, the few examples I have chosen are free machine embroidery pieces, resembling sashiko in the intensity of stitch. Danny also produces lots of cut out pieces and an amazing cast of figures/dolls.


  1. This work (Danny Mansmith)is amazing...there's something so interesting about men working with textiles. The work just feels different.

    And now I'm astounded by two men named Nick Cave.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wild! wild! sewing men, wonderful stuff!!!!!

  3. You (Danny) have set the standard of sewtext so high, will we ever be able to find another artist such as yourself? I really, really love your work and follow you (on the Net) wherever you go. If Only I could think up these things the way you do I'd be soooooooooo happy.