Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bottles of art

The image below is by Lucus Blalock and it inspired me to think of making some 'bottles of art' with my students. Unbelievably this was really exciting, it opened up so many possibilities, firstly you could produce art on translucent, semi translucent and opaque surfaces, with an endless variety of mediums. How you place the art in a bottle also offers up many different solutions and effects. Indeed you could have ten or twenty pictures of the same image and whether you crumpled it, sliced it rolled it etc would completely change its appearance. Viewing the art you could look at it, through it and hold it up to the light.


  1. love this... might also take on this idea for a collaborative art project. (Can't believe I am saying this now that my community art project has just finished!!.. did you get a chance to see the blog?)

  2. http://alongthegreenway.blogspot.com/ :-D yes x

  3. This will be a great project for my school Thanks

  4. I like your students work
    and I like your devoted work with the young ones.