Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The joy of mark making

Sometimes it is just about the mark making and the physical act of making marks. This morning we had a great class, much better than even anticipated, because of the joy it caused. Simply due to changing scale and the physicality of working on a large scale.
My class were given white board markers and either worked directly on an over head projector, on a transparency, or on a white board and with combinations of all of these options. The students just loved being able to make small marks and then really big marks and to have these marks projected even larger onto the walls. There are so many possibilities for this medium with all age groups.


  1. What a lovely idea Hazel. I think I would have enjoyed that too! a big kiss to you x

  2. Génial. également de mettre à disposition tout votre potentiel de créativité ....

  3. That´s a great idea for making sketches for bigger paintings!! Thanks for charing!