Friday, 22 July 2011

Louise Bird

Today I found the work of Louise Bird, and as ever, realised that it had been sitting right under my nose at 'Bird in the House', everything you could ever want to know is always on a friends blog. I love the way that Louise is making sense of the world the universe and all those big questions that blow your mind with crochet, I also love the way that strangely it makes sense.

"My practice investigates the relationship between the unimaginably huge and the invisibly small. researching the dissipating boundaries between art, science and religion, I have come to believe that art, science and religion are the same thing. Within each there is a language that describes the creativity of the universe." Louise Bird


  1. Hello Hazel! Thank you so much for your review. Bird in the House , is a super blog! Written by Kathyn Campbell.

    Theres more here...

    And here...
    I really enjoyed catching up with you last year