Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hannah Rollings

In trying to compose my own 'bug journal' I have spent a long time exploring Blurb today. Here is the lovely 'My Bug Journal' by illustrator Hannah Rollings, with its wonderful spidery, delicate lines and with humorous factual observations.


  1. I love the idea of a bug diary hmm...

  2. I found your blog the other day and have just been obsessed with it!! It is so utterly amazing....all the incredible, wonderful artists you feature. I have spent hours and hours perusing every page and I am just so thrilled that I found your blog. I spend a lot of time looking for wonderful art, but your blog is truely the most amazing ever!! You have such a great eye for unusual art. I will visit every day for sure! I am actually an artist, too; hope you'll visit my work sometime.

  3. c'est une magnifique découverte que Blurb,
    merci Hazel, bonne semaine !