Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jean-Michel Othoniel

A theatre of bubbles and veils, enticing and secret, 'Le petit theatre de Peau d'Ane' is an installation by Jean-Michel Othoniel currently being exhibited in the children's gallery at the Pompidou Centre, Paris until August 22nd 2011. It was originally conceived as the set for tiny puppets that Pierre Loti had played with as a child, puppets that Jean-Michel Othoniel discovered in this famous French writer's house.


  1. I thought you would.
    The little puppets are 150 years old, isn't that amazing that these ephemeral scraps of puppets have out lived their creator.

  2. Ooooh! Did you know that the spot I took the photo of you and Gordon (giant metal and glass crown at Place Colette) was also designed by Jean-Michel Othoniel? He's everywhere!

  3. I was amazed Maral when I saw that :-D