Thursday, 7 April 2011

Suzy Lee

Thinking about wordless books, took me back to the wonderful illustration work of Korean artist Suzy Lee. Above from top to bottom are illustrations from Shadow, The Zoo and Wave.


  1. I paint. I spend my days in my studio in the middle of Rural Wales, all by myself. My daughters get back from school at 4, by partner away a lot with his work. Your blog is wonderful. It provides me with inspiration and unearths memories that seem long forgotten. Picture Books or Books without Words, which is a much more poetic title, remind me of reading with my young children and about my own childhood. How I was allowed to create a narration, without the need for printed words, and it would change everytime I took it from the shelf.
    My paintings sit on the wall, waiting for the viewer to come along and take it in. To have an emotional response. Its a hard path we choose as artists, but the work you put on your blog and the way that it conjours thoughts and memories are truely inspirational and so varied, its like having a creative friend that you can visit when you feel a bit lost. Great Stuff, and sorry to waffle..

  2. Dear Helen,
    Thank you for you kind words, comments and visits. It is lovely to know that I can share things I find and love with such lovely people as you, and that the art room works and inspires people to be creative and have fun.

  3. i love susy lee's work... they take me back to childhood and say so much, without the words :)

  4. Loving Helen's feedback for your work Hazel.

  5. Generosity in action here all around!
    Suzy Lee's "The Shadow" received a remarkable mention in The New York Times (I think) a while back. The column was about the encroaching reality of children's books for the iPad and other devices. The reviewer thought that "The Shadow" was a book that would be impossible to make and interact with without the standard printed picture book model. Think of a picture book in your hands: its verdant allure as object: an object to be consumed and loved and yet ready for play again as soon as the child wanted it.

    I haven't seen "The Shadow" yet but I believe it does all this "magic of interaction" without the bells and whistles of gimmicky design and printing (flaps, die-cuts, special inks or pop-ups. --Something to think about and strive for anyway.

  6. I am finally catching up with your recent postings! Lots of lovely things here as always, including the delightful Suzy Lee.