Friday, 15 April 2011

Christian Gonzenbach

Spring is here and I have been saving Christian Gonzenbach's giant rabbit for so long, so here it is a giant white rabbit by Christian Gonzenbach, have a lovely weekend.

Christian Gonzenbach likes to explore the fine line between normal and bizarre, "where the world looses it's meaning and turns into the absurd, the silly or the poetic."

Much of Christian's work involves taxidermy, which is very popular with art students at the moment, but his portfolio is broader than just taxidermy like a mad scientist his work can be extreme, it manipulates materials and us in ways that can be uncomfortable, unpleasant but also intelligent and challenging.

"My works are very diverse but talk about anything that has to do with every day questions, with the definition of life, with the passing from animal to object during the intermediate state of food." Christian Gonzenbach