Sunday, 9 January 2011

Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell is an amazing artist her work encompasses fashion design, set design (with all its incumbent props), hair and beauty. A stylist extraordinaire she then captures her creative vision with photography. Her work is breath taking and her creative energy is such that I wouldn't be surprised to find her working in many more genres of art and design, even film. Top Image is from her amazing series Wonderland, Bottom Image is from some photographs from behind the scenes of the production of Wonderland.


  1. Harika görüntü :) çok güzel sevgiyle kalın...

  2. Images impressionnantes que je connaissais. ça me donne envie de regarder de plus près son travail de création. Bonne journée Hazel

  3. From Kirsty Mitchell Photography studio comes a dreamworld inspired by Alice in Wonderland, made with Elbie van Eeden - Make-Up/Hair Artist. Photography as a mean to exorcise pain. Art as a a solace.
    More info here: