Saturday, 18 December 2010

Cathy Orton's Baubles

At last got some time off today and at last got the chance to catch up with a friend, and then a lot more friends. Here is my Christmas present, the wonderful baubles of Cathy Orton. I almost refused because they look so good on Casey Miller's Stag head! Now tomorrow is mapped out I need to make a stag head!


  1. Love this - the colourful baubles against a backdrop of white . I'm going to see if Dylan can have a go at making me a stag's head now!

  2. I've just been to get wallpaper paste in blizzard, now let the great stag making begin . . .

  3. Faaaabulous! Oh how I have missed blogging while I was away. Now - wonder if I can have a go at this myself!