Thursday, 9 December 2010

I never saw another butterfly.

Typical of me to jump from lovely snow ladies that you want to have high tea with, to a frankly disturbing moth/butterfly for an exhibition commemorating the children who perished in the Holocaust. This work has even disturbed me.
Probably as a result of facilitating the gentle butterflies that my students (most of whom had never sewn before) created. I wanted to make a butterfly that was more representational and challenging.


  1. Gosh Hazel, this is a powerful piece of work, beautiful and painful. I found these images the other day!

  2. je ressens également la force de cette démarche de création, Hazel... je me sens souvent interpellée par les détours surprenants de la mémoire.

  3. fragility of life - really thought provoking! x

  4. Zikaron V'Tikvah, Remembrance and Hope, is a project at San Diego Jewish Academy in which they aim to make 1.5 million butterflies for every child that died in the holocaust; part art project, part outreach to connect students with survivors while they are still here to tell their story.

    The butterflies and a poem, Give Me Wings, are placed on walls all along the campus as a tangible reminder of what was and what can be, the transformative process each survivor underwent to go on, and the changes for which newer generation can strive.

    Perhaps you and your students would like to participate?

    You can also see a video about the project at