Friday, 12 November 2010

Dr Annie Shaw and the Gansey

Above: Images Of Dr Annie Shaw's Miniature Gansey's currently being exhibited at The Scottish Fisheries Museum and Scarborough Art Gallery.

Life is very very full at the moment, but I stole a rare hour today, to dash to Anstruther to the wonderful Scottish Fisheries Museum, after a hot tip from my friend Christine to see the wonderful 'Extravagansey'.

Gansey's are traditional east coast fisherman's jerseys, amazing creations, lovingly made for sons, husbands and fathers at sea. The gansey like a tattoo would carry a pattern characteristic of the fishing port and family handed down through generations. The Gansey was very warm and practical, reversible, easily repaired and because of the unique design enable the fishermen to be easily recognized.

It is a close knitted, intricately designed jumper made from tightly spun 5 ply worsted wool (known as seamen's iron) and was knitted in one piece on five needles.

Dr Annie Shaw has made a wonderful installation of miniature gansey's made individual by incorporating; flotsam and jetsam, treasure carefully aged in lobster pots, rubberizing and even deep frying. Dr Annie Shaw has also applied cultural objects and photographs (the top image shows Dr Annie Shaw's grandmother).