Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ismini Samanidou

There is something magic about the written word, I think we are all pinning for the texture of paper with words embossed into it by the pressure of a loved ones hand. So much so, that we now look upon found scraps, such as shopping lists as treasure.

Ismini Samanidou's weavings are a 'timeline' for The Jerwood Space, that reference the informal, formal and unintentional recordings of history. They are like a giant love letter, ledger, map or shopping list in which you can delight in the texture and character of hand written and printed text.


  1. Fascinating!Thank you for your discovery of so much visual and cultural treasure!X

  2. Thank you Annmaria, for your encouragement and support.

  3. c'est magnifique, je trouve ce billet précieux
    et pour les listes de course ... il y a tant de vie dans ces petits bouts de papier.