Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hank Adams

Above: Pea soup+Beans+Juicy Juice+Maple Syrup+TJ's Stew+Washabi power 2005
Above: Peas+Polyurethane+Tea 2005
Below: T J's Truffles 2005
These works are not typical of Hank Adams blown glass portraits, they have an irreverent anthropomorphism that is endearing and warm hearted. If I had nightmares about my recycling, they would be populated by Hank Adams creations, and hopefully I would wake up laughing. I also love their titles, the worst recipes ever.


  1. Wuuhaa! I am working with recycling with my students but the theme happens to be Christmas (not chosen by me)...so why not a nightmare Santa in red...? this is excellent work! ha

  2. Great stuff!
    In view of your last two posts you might like to look at the work of David Kemp
    if you don't know it already.

  3. Thank you Patricia,
    Great link.x

  4. wow, I love these. Great post too, it really made me laugh.