Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hussein Chayalan's Airmail Dress with graphics by Michael Langkjaer and Rebecca Perry

Hussein Chayalan, made a papery material dress that could be folded into letter form and attached with stickers.
I love sending odd things through the post, a jar of jam and a par baked baguette probably the naughtiest. A painted t shirt with the recipients address painted on folded and posted and even a love letter on vegetables that I had in my shopping.
This wonderful dress by Hussein Chalayan really caught my eye, with graphics by Rebecca and Mike (see Comment), it was made in 1999.


  1. You always find the loveliest things..... And what an amazing idea about the love letter on the vegetables......

  2. I love this, it would be so much fun to send or receive such a special letter! :)

  3. Great idea, these dresses! I giggled when you talked about the things you've put into the mail (post). My girlfriend once sent someone a toilet plunger with a message written onto the rubber. Someone once sent her a flip flop which was stamped and addressed, complete with a postcard-type message.

  4. seems we're in a dress mode! Fab! lovely idea!

  5. Time to write some interesting love letters . . .

  6. Wonderful!
    I've been a mailart artist since the 80's and have quite a collection now, and currently participating in '7 Panels' an international mailart exchange.
    I've been amazed at the things that do make it trough the post intact!
    This is beautiful.

  7. hey that was my baguette and jam from 1996 wasn't it?! It was very much appreciated in a land where the bread was just like the inner sole of an old shoe, so thanks Hazel x

  8. Hi there,

    Nice to see this post :-)

    We're the Rebecca and Mike who worked on this with Hussein Chalayan. Hope you don't mind us pointing out that our full names aren't Rebecca Perry and Michael Langkjaer though! Not sure who those two are, but they aren't us! :-)

    As well as doing the graphics and packaging, we also helped develop the product concept with Hussein for this dress. It was a fun project to work on. You mention it is designed to be tied up using string. Well, you could do that we guess, but the dress did actually come with a sheet of stickers to seal it (there were also stickers that could be used to close the darts on the garment and improve the fit).

    Hope you don't mind us just dropping by and making the comment :-)

    Rebecca and Mike

  9. Hello Lizzy yes that was your Baguette and jam.
    Sorry Rebecca and Mike, I have corrected post as much as possible, could you please add your link to make this posting complete.
    Many Thanks Hazel