Monday 31 August 2009

Leaf Cuts

Another nice visual project for the oncoming autumn is leaf cuts, here are my first experiments.

Box Heads and lessons started today

Lessons started today and so did the 'box head' wall I will post you the finished display soon. One drawback the boxes take a lot longer to turn inside out and glue than it takes the students to paint them.

Muriel Kerba

This is a piece of more painterly work by the artist Muriel Kerba, who's illustration work I shared on the 11th of August

Catherine Hyde

Above: Soaring Night
Above: Under a Blanket of Stars
Catherine Hyde's paintings sing of autumn to me, romantic and Chagalian they are quite lovely.

Sunday 30 August 2009

Anne Lemanski

Anne uses copper wire frames and constructed textiles, photographs ectto make these incredible sculptures of animals, she has also produced weapons and hairstyles in this way and is currently constructing a studio from shipping containers.

Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Sometimes I find things that make me gasp, the wire work of Benedetta Mori Ubaldini, certainly has that effect. It is ghostly and magical in its evocation of myth and fairytale, I particularly like it in the white gallery spaces.

Lizzy Hobbs

Here at last I am able to show you some stills from my (very good) friend Lizzy's new animation that she has been making in Vienna all summer during a residency for 'Tricky Women'. It is on theme of the Musicians of Bremen, you can enjoy her archive work here at .

Saturday 29 August 2009

Bird Cage Lights

I have to make a new bird cage at some point, I have a soldering gun just need some courage to take it out of its box. Love the quirky madness of these lights from Mathieu Challieres

Charlene Mullen

Here are some wonderful examples of Charlene Mullen's Blackwork, the birds on aerials reminded me that I missed taking a photograph of a beautiful starling on the end of our aerial this morning, but my eyes did feast.

Autumn Vases Cornflowers and Black Gladioli

Stack of Spotty Ducks

I was thinking of piles of ducks at the pond trying and vying to be fed, and I liked the way they could be easily stacked, my first picture in months, phew.

Sketch Books

Stripy birds and spotty birds some new characters from the pages of my new sketch book.

Amy Schimler

Above: Birds on the Line,Below Forest Friends both surface designs.
Amy Schimlers is an illustrator and surface designer, her fabric called 'Forest friends' is available here; and this is Amy's web site where you will also find her wonderful blog, stockists ect.

Friday 28 August 2009

Owls In Bottles

Altenkunstadt German Bird Cage Decanters, I cannot remember where I found these, they are wonderful and as I'm in things in bottles mode...

Paul Yates

Above: Paul Yates; 'K is for Kelly's Night Time Flower Poem' Below: Paul Yates; 'Flower poems In A Bottle.

Paul Yates paintings are very romantic in their execution and titles, lovely work, found at the Tom Caldwell Gallery.

Lady Bug Fabric by Etsukp Furuya

Two fabrics by Etsuko Furuya again from Fabricworm at etsy Fabric worm also has a blog, here I've been having too much fun exploring the shop but I know where I will be visiting next.

Domino Dot Assassin

A ladybird from last years sketch book.

Thursday 27 August 2009

Lizzy House

Lizzy's House Ugly Duckling fabric at Fabricworm etsy, here is Lizzy's blog; Just loving all these fabrics please humour me on my wee deviation from the usual designed 'randomness' of my blog.

Jennifer Moore

I have spent the whole evening exploring the wonderful 'fabricworm' at etsy here are two fabrics that she is selling by Jennifer Moore .

Kokka Textiles (little red riding hood)

Kokka textiles, if you are really interested in printed textiles you can register (free) to view their amazing stocks there are other suppliers of Kokka Textiles on line with no registration.
Above printed red riding hood lengths available at etsy, fabricworm's shop;

Karkuteilla Fabric by Maija Louekari

Textile design by the Finnish designer Maija Louekari. I like the elephants containment of the design and the hidden Zebra and Flamingo. Maija has a very varied portfolio of textile design, illustration and design. have a look at her website;

Alex Girard Wooden Dolls

Above image co juanoseias, Below image co steffierlo at flickr

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Alexander Girard

Alexander Girard (1907-1993) Sometimes you wonder at how someones work can elude you for so long, I must have stumbled over Alexander Girard's designs before but today they shouted out to me, with their wonderful stylish simplicity.

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Sipho Maona

Back to Sipho's work, I love the top picture of him releasing the flying katydid, and his insects are so wonderful I couldn't resist sharing them. Sipho is 24 years old and lives in Switzerland and has been mastering the art of origami since he was five.

Geke Wouters

Geke Wouters is a Dutch designer working in a variety of medium. With these vessels he has created a kind of vegtable paper mache, that is edible, biodegradable, organic and very beautiful.

Fish Folds by Sipho Mabona

Found these wonderful Origami Koi at they are designed by Sipho Mabona who creates amazing origami. Sipho's web page is here; with links to his blog. His flickr is here and is well worth a visit